Surprise! This is relevant to Glowing Hearts, except it has details that I had not explained and only knew after roughing out an entire chapter that I will not be making but is canon. The reason why: It goes over Shelley’s sexual history, and perhaps uses too many details from my real life or friends’ real lives, to the point that it could be considered libel, if any of my exes read my comic.

But it helped me set up a bunch of stuff in books 2 and 3. I don’t know if anyone else on HRT has ever found themselves much, much more able to work on creative endeavors, or if it’s just my brain unburdening itself from treating a major part of my life experience as a secret, but I have like a BIG chunk of books 2 and 3 planned.

Oh by the way I’m transgender, I don’t remember if I ever came out here, but you must have noticed that the majority of my recent work attributes it to “Penelope Merch” when before it was a different name that I’m not particularly fond of!

This entire team will show up in the third book, so, uh, try to remember this comic for a few years? It’s entirely possible that I will make another Col. Lossal comic before that, because this was a lot of fun to do. Jolene Bleet and Frenchie McEinstein are both exes of Shelley.

Besides working on Chapter 12, I’m also completely redrawing chapter 1, and touching up all previous 11 chapters and configuring them into proper book format. I’ll tell you about that later today with my anniversary post. Especially because, if I’m being honest, I don’t know exactly how to approach it as it relates to this website.