I debated with myself about how to approach posting this, but: I’m going to start uploading my comic as it’ll appear in the collection, eventually culminating in the posting of chapter 12. However, that’s not the only new content. Starting next week I’ll be posting the near completely redone chapter 1. That’s a lot of pages, but after I finish the refreshed chapter 1, as I start nearing completion of chapter 12, I may upload huge chunks at once. I already have the touched-up versions of chapters 2-6 done and ready to be posted.

I apologize for any redundancy to those who want completely fresh content (especially considering I’m going to have two new, LONG chapters this year) but you can always check with me on Mastodon to see if I’m posting new stuff! You can check twitter too if that’s a thing you’re still putting yourself through on the regular.