Let me know if you’re having any problems loading this. It’s the first comic I’ve been publishing in .webp, which I think became available for comicpress somewhat recently. It should work just fine – Firefox, Chrome and Edge all run webp natively, but you never know.

If you’re wondering why I went to this format, and I doubt you were but I’ll tell you anyway: These pages are FULL color full color. And as such would be about up to 4 MB a page. I can’t just compress the color until it’s a reasonable size, I need a format with better compression, and if we’re being honest, jpeg hasn’t been good enough for almost two decades now.

I understand why people don’t like webp – Clip can’t open it, Sai can’t open it, older versions of Photoshop can’t open it. For some mysterious reason, despite Microsoft Explorer AND Edge being able to view the files, Microsoft Image Viewer can’t? I dunno, Image Viewer just added support for animated gifs, so I’m not expecting miracles on that front. Krita doesn’t compress the files that well – I have to take these into Aseprite to do it properly. I got that program for doing sprite work but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the perfect replacement for Fireworks/Image Ready.

The next chapter of Glowing Hearts, the one that this comic is stalling for time for, is also full color. Visually it’s pretty similar but I’m drastically touching up all the backgrounds, and there’s about 100 of them and it’s been taking a while. It’s also shaping up to be 200 pages long, with several animated panels. So we’ll see if it kills me. It might!