The other two days already have movie poster parodies for their cover, and the original one for chapter 12 day 1 was something I threw together really quickly, so that’s why this exists. Originally it was going to be a parody of the poster for Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever so I have more restraint than you might imagine.

How are you enjoying chapter 12 so far?

It’s kind of a strange format in some ways, but I like it. I’m not changing to it permanently, but I’m not sticking to the strict 6×9 format going forward. I have a chapter planned like this one in book 2, as well as one that’s set up like a series of Sunday comics. I originally stuck to a 6×9 format because I was interested in printing this comic. Then I found out how expensive it would be to print a color comic and no thanks!

Since I started making this chapter 18 months ago, I’ve made a lot of big life changes: I started HRT, began going to therapy regularly, changed my legal name, found out that I very likely have a specific form of neuro-divergence, and have done some other things that may or may not be explored in Glowing Hearts.

I’m slowly compiling the entire second book, hoping to get a working draft of every single chapter before I finish posting book 1. I have most of 6 non-consecutive chapters written. I have another 3-part-90-page chapter like this one already chunked out (Not surprisingly it’s the Thanksgiving chapter).

That said, chapter 13 was originally supposed to be bonus content, but I really like the script a lot, and it does the heavy lifting of introducing 4 important characters for book 2, as well as fleshing out some side characters, and adds some weird mystery to others. I think I may stick with the tradition of the last chapter in each book not focusing on any of the main characters, since it’s fun to have someone else take the lead and explore other dynamics.