Something I didn’t do when I started making the gradient mapped grayscale comics is make sure they weren’t overlapping too much. They do at a few points, but there wasn’t a predominantly violet one. If you were wondering about my process and how much there’s an element to “oh wait, I should be doing this, shouldn’t I?” it’s not zero percent.

This is the last chapter in this set that will have it (I am foolishly committing to full color for the last two chapters! R.I.P. to me.) So when I release a collection don’t be surprised if one of two things happen:

  1. Previously Black and White chapter 3 has had a gradient applied to it and I’ve adjusted all the gradients to be slightly more unique to each chapter.
  2. They’re not there at all and the comic is in grayscale when it’s not in full color.

I’ll be honest – I prefer grayscale to the gradient map even though I think it looks pretty nice, but people are more likely to click on it on social media when it has SOME color on it. Even further honesty: I think I prefer plain black and white comics to them having tones at all. I love seeing people’s inks! The more steps you apply to your comic the harder it is to see the previous steps.