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Glowing Hearts, the currently running series:










Other comics in chronological order in which they happen in the canon.


Cosmic Fracas, a sci-fi odyssey across time and space, whether they want to go or not. It may not come up, but Cosmic Fracas takes place 800 and 730 years prior to Glowing Hearts.


Lost! in the Enchanted Forest! is a direct prequel to Glowing Hearts. It takes place 21 years before the start of the story.


Join Spry, Lori, Flip and Scum as they adventure through their community at the zoo and beyond, slightly.

SAC01 SAC02 SAC03SAC04SAC05SAC06Spry Issue 7 cover

Spry Adventure Comics takes place 16 years prior Glowing Hearts


The Wortleberry Road Saga, about a twenty-something slacker ghost. Warning: Some implied violence. Continuity note: The Wortleberry Road comics take place 16, 15 and 14 years before Glowing Hearts

Fields of Sand is a light read adventure comic. There is some comical violence, and some slightly less comical violence. It takes place in it’s own continuity, sort of. It’s a TV Show and card game.


RR01 RR02

A student magician works towards her goal of protecting her town. This comic is no longer part of continuity, if that is something you worry about. When this character comes back the story she takes place in will be wildly, wildly different. Raspberry Redd takes place 160 years after Glowing Hearts


Championship Bout has sports-related violence. And werewolfism, if for some reason you don’t like that?


a PC game about having coffee with an internet friend and possibly, accidentally killing him. Not Mac Compatible, sorry. Warning: Dawdle has light cursing and some implied sexual content. PG-13.