I’m hard at work at the second… phase? book? of Glowing Hearts. It starts the week after the comic that just finished, and I did a bunch of math to figure out the exact days everything has happened because I wasn’t paying that close of attention and then realized that an election is a major event in my story (as has been mentioned several times already).

If I was publishing a book of this, I’d do a big-ass 300 page manga-sized book on cheap shitty paper, because that’s how I wound up getting Ranma 1/2’s first volume. I wouldn’t wanna sell a print volume for more than 7 bucks, tbh. I’d also re-work a lot of stuff at the beginning to work in black and white/gray scale. And I’d fix Tisl’s nose in the first issue, because even though I gave her a longer nose by mistake, it was a good one.