TIP FOR OTHER COMIC ARTISTS: It does not hurt to put in the word bubbles during the layout phase. These past two pages were an absolute NIGHTMARE to do because of poor layouts. My only excuse is that I did all my layouts before I started my comic, back in May. So while it seems like a great idea to approach things that way, I can verify that it certainly has it’s downfalls. Granted, I probably wouldn’t suggest making a 154 page graphic novel as your first foray into comics. Especially because now if I want people to look at a new page I’m really proud of, they have to read 80 pages to understand what’s going on.

Comics on the Internet are a weird thing, really. When I tried reading Octopus Pie for the first time, I read the newest strip and was CONFOUNDED. Then, over the course of two weeks I read every single strip, and loved that page that had confused me so much.