I know people who can write while listening to music or watching television. They can’t stand silence or not to have some outside influence also acting upon them. I am most certainly not that way. When I write I need dead silence. The reason I couldn’t make comics when my fiancee and I were both working was that I rarely had the amount of quiet time needed to write something. I also always want to engage with people when they’re around.

When I am penciling my comic I can listen to music – but only instrumental music. I mostly settle on video game music, since there so much of it, it doesn’t take up a lot of room on my computer, and because I enjoy it.

When I am inking my comic I can listen to anything. I largely use it as a way to catch up with podcasts, or listen to songs and albums for the first time. Both of which I get woefully behind on very quickly.
When I am doing the colors and tones I can talk to people, or pretty much do anything. I’m not amazing at coloring, not like a lot of people I know, but applying myself mentally more to it seems to make things worse, more often than not.

Everyone’s different though. I’ve seen my brother write while listening to Comedy Bang Bang before. I don’t know if the article was good or not, but that was astounding to me.

This doesn’t particularly relate to today’s comic more than any other. I just thought I’d share with you.