That’s right, issue 3 and 4 have consecutive panels.

You can purchase this issue now if you would like to!

Also, if you have a difficult time parsing some of the artwork because of the color scheme, let me know! I don’t think it should be an issue, but if enough people want me to export a grayscale version of it for them it wouldn’t be a big deal!

Also, a little inside baseball: So far every issue’s first page was done probably two months before the rest of the book, as a proof of concept for the issue itself. Issue 1 and 2’s first pages are an absolute tangled nightmare of layers, and if someone asked me to prep the books for print I’d probably just redo those pages.

It’s possible issue 1’s first page was finished before the majority of the book was written, to be perfectly honest. Tisl may have still been named Margo.