There’s only two weeks worth of updates of this issue left and let me tell you something about Seasonal Depression: If you have the choice of being born with it, say “no.” I have approximately 0 pages of this done, and about 1/8th of the script finished. I may make something less involved to tide people over for a few weeks while I work out the particulars, since I do not think I will be forced to just NOT update. When I am in full production of Glowing Hearts, I work on it for about 60 hours a week. I would say that I have NOT been doing that since winter started.

My original goal was to get most of issue 4 done before November, but I hit some snags on the writing and one issue became four issues. It happens! To some extent that means that what was issue 4 will now be the majority of the year’s updates. But I have the majority of the principle characters introduced (some of those that haven’t been are a ways off.) so I have the opportunity to just have them exist around each other for a while.

More than likely Issue 4 will not be released in full before it starts running on the site, for the people who bought it and enjoy that model (I appreciate it!) It’s possible issue 4 will not be sold until it’s about done running on the site, and if that’s the case, I will more than likely couple it with issue 5.