So, my intention was always to finish posting this comic in February, and I had everything mapped out on a calendar to make that happen, but at some point I posted too many chapters at once? So there was supposed to be a June, August, October, December and February update… But I only have three chapters left. I could have just counted wrong? It’s happened before. So one more in December and then a LONG one in February.

As I’ve mentioned before – I did the entirety of this comic in the span of four months nearly two years ago. So it’s easy to forget about, because on my end it’s been finished. I will not be doing a comic that I will be making a web comic in this way again, as it takes too much of my attention off of updating. I haven’t updated the comic in nearly six months, not out of neglect or malice but just… forgetting.

You can buy Fields of Sand here if you’d like to read the whole thing in a more convenient format. It has the entire comic, including the yet-to-be-published chapters. It’s also in a slightly higher resolution (this comic was made to be printed as a very small comic, so full resolution is not much bigger.). It looks good on a phone or tablet.