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That’s right, I probably should have posted this a month and a half ago with the cover, but it’s too late for that, in that it’s not six weeks ago and I can no longer do that.

I hope you enjoyed Glowing Hearts #1, because I enjoyed making it and am currently making #2, so it’d be real embarrassing if you all hated it. Let me know what you think about it, either commenting here or at my twitter or mastodon (both linked at the bottom of the page).

The second issue begins the day after Memorial Day. Characters from previous comics appear in the next issue, so if you’d like to know who they are before hand you should read Murder at Mijor Manor and A Dethrash Christmas.

Also Jessica Bottle, from the first two pages, is Jessica from Lost in The Enchanted Forest. It’s the first story in this continuity chronologically. It’s also a SUPER early comic of mine, and while some of it could use some cleaning up, it’s still a fine way to spend 8 minutes.