So I got a barter commission the other day where the commiseur ordered me a Yiynova msp19 – basically an off-brand Cintiq. I’m not quite an evangelist for the thing yet, but it’s pretty nice. The MSP19 is definitely worth the money, and the Cintiq is only worth half of what it costs. Keep in mind that the Cintiq costs four times as much as the MSP19, so if you’ve got money to burn get that. OR if you’ve got money to burn give it to me. I mean, if you’re not doing anything with it.
The MSP19 has got some serious jitter issues due to the glass being so thick, and the pen-correction in Manga Studio isn’t quite as good as I wish it were. I’m working on this comic at 600 dpi so I can eventually print it, and zooming in to 200% at this point seems like the kind of thing a crazy person would do. That said, I’m crazy about making this comic look nice, so I might just do that.