So these characters are not necessarily coming back. I may want to have Rex Bigmonster return in some form, as a private investigator, and Jessica is in the same class as an as-of-yet-to-be-seen character (besides in a crowd shot), but yeah. I did this as part of 24 hour comic day in 2010. 2013 is the first year since I started making comics that I did not participate but I have a good excuse. I had my wedding celebration. It was nice! People are really nice to you right when you get married, so I understand why some people get married so many times.

The way I approached THIS 24 hour comic is by writing the moral of the story first. I’ve seen other people read fairy tales as inspiration the day before, use random phrase generators or any other means of inspiration. If you make comics you should at least attempt one at some point. Or if you think comics might be for you, you should try one. Sometimes you just need to be put on the spot to start creating. I know that’s true for me, at least.

The next comic begins on the 21st of October, unless something major comes up. I’ll be flying a bit by the seat of my pants this time, and it is the last in my trilogy of 24 hour comics I’m updating for print to be posted this year! ALSO IT WILL BE IN COLOR.