So, I was going to post this cover on Monday, since it’s been done for a while, but I ended up getting Pokemon Y and geez-O-pete is that game time consuming. I’m working on having a significant backlog before starting the next game I play so this doesn’t happen again.

Starting next book I will be making a few semi-significant changes! Most obviously the comic will be in color. I’m not going painterly like I did with One Night on Wortleberry Road. I am going to try to get comfortable with cel shading. I’m also going to have a small format change. My current comic is drawn at 8.5×11, standard printer size. While my comic looks fine at that size, I think having it be a little smaller makes it look nicer in print, so I’m changing to 5.5×8.5. That said I think the comic is going to wind up being a little larger on the site, but if you have plans to collect the print versions whenever they become available, they will be different sizes. Sorry if you like things being organized perfectly (I do! When Viz changed the formatting for Dragon Ball 80% of the way through I was disproportionately angry to how much it actually affected me.). Another change, and I’m not positive about this, is I may not bother having a set number of days a week my comic updates. I’ll still try to stick with 4 while I can, but fall is a big time for freelance work so I’ll do my best!