I think a big problem a lot of people starting off with their first published comic is just finishing it. It’s daunting because once it’s out there it’s Out There. You got to put that first one out though, so you can keep going. I have friends both digital and analog that seem stifled by the fear that what they’re doing has to be important or special. But it is. It’s important and special because you’re throwing a little bit of yourself out for everyone to see. If they take to it, great! If not, you can always try again.

I hope you didn’t mind indulging me in this little victory lap for my first graphic novel. Starting Monday I’m going to four updates a week (M-Tu-Th-F) and will be publishing several different stories for the rest of the year. I’m starting with Raspberry Redd, the first chapter of my next novel, followed by One Night on Wortleberry Road, which some of you have already seen. Then Scum Craply’s Crime of the Century, and then Lost in the Woods. I may kick it back up to five updates a week at some point (OR SIX if I’m feeling it, I guess) but I am currently writing Spry Adventure Comics book 2, Raspberry Redd’s Summer of Chaos and whatever other dumb stuff pops into my gross brainmeat.