Pacing is a difficult thing. I’ve watched tons of good and bad animated features and shows recently, and have noticed that oftentimes the difference between good and bad cartoons (and all stories, of course) is simply pacing. You can tell a complex, intriguing story at a snails pace and lose people’s attention, or tell some asinine awful story at such a pace that people enjoy it. It’s not unimportant, is what I’m getting at. There is, however, the finest of lines between briskly paced and way, way too fast. Last night I saw The Pagemaster starring weird lipped Macaulay Culkin cartoon and the cast of Star Trek. It moved way too fast. Like, if you glanced away for a minute (which I did fairly often) you were just totally lost. Also the movie makes you think about romance between anthropomorphized books, and that’s a little weird. A lot happens in that movie really quickly. Then I started thinking about “The Incredibles” and how much happens in that film, but how it’s much easier to digest. Correct pacing is a thing I’ll be trying to accomplish long-term in my comics. It may not come quickly, but pacing my comic in a way that keeps the reader’s attention for a long time is my end goal.

So I guess part of me is more concerned with you finishing my comics than enjoying them. I guess it’s kind of weird when I phrase it that way. I’d prefer you do both, if possible.