COMIC TRIVIA (warning: very, very trivial): My fiancee and I once had a serious discussion about whether Spry should have plantigrade legs or not. Plantigrade legs, in case you weren’t aware, are the kind of legs we have, where you walk with the flat part of your foot. Easy to remember by thinking that your feet are planted. Digitigrade legs are the kind that cats and dogs have, where you walk on your toes. Your toes, like your fingers, are digits, making this also easy enough to remember. Raccoons, rabbits, apes, elephants  have plantigrade, but pigs do not. I realized that I would definitely forget a bunch of times and just give him plantigrade legs anyway, so may as well just do it for all the hind-leg walking animals. If it makes you feel better I have a long term reason why this happened in my comic’s universe that will be explored more later!