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“right click, save as” will save the book to the folder of your choice. Take it with you! Read it at your leisure! Share it with your friends! More importantly: Read it the way it was always meant to be read – chapter by chapter. Included are the mastodon chapters. Eventually there will be a massive collection for all of book 1 with some bonus content that you’ll be able to purchase, if you want. If not, chapters 12 and 13 will eventually be available as these chapters are.

Every chapter has been touched up for legibility purposes, consistency, and sometimes to make art pop a little more. Sometimes to fix something that was bothering me. These are the “real” versions of the comic.

As always: The important thing to me is that you read and enjoy my story. If you want to give me something in return, even if it’s some light praise, I’ll happily accept it. Even if you’d prefer to quietly enjoy it without ever interacting with me or anyone else regarding it, I still appreciate it.

Thank you for reading!