Technical babble:

Every time I write a draft I change stuff. I do several drafts, usually three in just the writing stage, and then I letter my comic with the script. While I’m drawing and coloring my comic, if I feel like something in the script needs changing or rewording I do that, but at that point I am locked down to a sequence of events, so I can only really improve, not make any radical changes.

You may notice that the last two word bubbles on the pages are unusually long for my comic.

This is no coincidence. Usually my first draft is very direct, and has much fewer jokes than the final draft. My rewrites involve a lot of punch-up. Sometimes, and this happened a few times in the first book, I had to reword things because it seemed like Lori hated Flip and Spry, and I wanted to make it clearer that they were friends. These last two word bubbles were made to make everyone seem less stand-offish.

I’m not apologizing for the sudden word dump on this page, I just felt it was unusual enough for an explanation.